it’s been a long time since i have taken the time to share what’s been happening around here.  a revolution!

more & more i read we don’t need carbohydrates, certainly not in the amounts we are eating.  so, we are  now on a  “paleo friendly” diet which is reflected in my recipes and life.  this is our menu plan for the week.  starting each day with breakfast i am sure you can follow along…


  • vanilla berry smoothie, sausage & melon
  • paleo fish tacos, oranges
  • leftover mexican soup & green salad


  • low carb muffins, cheddar cheese, pears
  • inside out ham sandwiches, apples
  • meatloaf, green salad & winter squash medley


  • gluten free breakfast bars, fresh berries & yogurt
  • green salad w/ grilled chicken, cashews, strawberries
  • mince, fauxtatoes, asparagus


  • vanilla berry smoothie, sausage & melon
  • greek salad, hard boiled eggs
  • chicken fajitas, green salad


  • gluten free breakfast bars, fresh berries, yogurt
  • green salad, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes
  • succulent chicken, broccoli


  • bacon, eggs & berries
  • inside out roast beef sandwiches, apples & pears
  • out to dinner!

i have been making fauxtatoes with cauliflower for several months now, but recently discovered (at elana amsterdam’s great site, that putting them into the oven creates an even more delicious outcome.  her site is great, often paleo friendly (or easy to make her recipes so).  check it out!