this is what works for me, and when i adhere to it i lean out without even thinking about it:

  • i stick to meats, healthy fats, veggies and some fruit.
  • i don’t eat eggs
  • i don’t eat dairy
  • i don’t eat nuts
  • (and i am obsessive about avoiding gluten)

what does this mean? i mostly eat at home or at restaurants i really trust. sometimes i eat almost 2lbs. of grass fed beef a day, not often but its been known to happen.

we are headed out for vacation next week so i have prepared our meal plan and begun making snacks for us (beef jerky, dried bananas, coconut muffins, apple muffins, etc.) so we have something prepared to eat when we are hungry (no slips into junk food we will later regret). we will spend a week at the ocean with a pool and my kids will be down in the water as much as possible ALL DAY and they come back absolutely famished so having a plan is critical to keeping us all happy and nourished.

what are your plans for next week? any vacations coming up?