ever gone to the store and seen that quart of eggnog for $3.99 and wondered why it costs SO much?  i have, especially when the babies are begging me to buy some.

time to figure out my own… and it’s delicious!

if you want to make this for a special occasion be sure you make it ahead so the flavors can marry, meld, join, whatever you want to call it.

12 eggs, separated

1 c. rapadura (or sucanat)

½ tsp. salt

3 c. whipping cream

2 Tb. rapadura (or sucanat)

2 Tb. vanilla

8 c. whole raw milk (shaken to combine)

rum flavoring (ACH! I know, but it’s what makes the store bought stuff so yummy)

nutmeg if desired

first, separate the eggs.

add 1 c. of sweetener to the whites, beat until they are thick

add ½ tsp. salt to the yolks, beat until thick

combine the eggs together.

in a third bowl beat the whipping cream until it starts to thicken, then add 2 Tb. sweetener and the vanilla

finally add in the whole raw milk and about 2 tsp. of rum flavoring (you will have to adjust this to your own personal taste preference).

pour all of this into a gallon jug and chill it for serving (at which point you can add a dash of nutmeg on top if you wish).

although there are several steps involved in making this yummy treat (and three bowls!) it’s truly worth it.  i used raw milk and cream, pastured eggs and homemade vanilla- perhaps that’s why it’s so divine.real