this is what works for me, and when i adhere to it i lean out without even thinking about it:

  • i stick to meats, healthy fats, veggies and some fruit.
  • i don’t eat eggs
  • i don’t eat dairy
  • i don’t eat nuts
  • (and i am obsessive about avoiding gluten)

what does this mean? i mostly eat at home or at restaurants i really trust. sometimes i eat almost 2lbs. of grass fed beef a day, not often but its been known to happen.

we are headed out for vacation next week so i have prepared our meal plan and begun making snacks for us (beef jerky, dried bananas, coconut muffins, apple muffins, etc.) so we have something prepared to eat when we are hungry (no slips into junk food we will later regret). we will spend a week at the ocean with a pool and my kids will be down in the water as much as possible ALL DAY and they come back absolutely famished so having a plan is critical to keeping us all happy and nourished.

what are your plans for next week? any vacations coming up?


i am a bit late on this, but i am going to go ahead and catch up with it. i hope you enjoy it too!

i do much more than cook, thus i have had a bit of an identity crisis these past few months. i don’t want to be held to only writing about cooking, recipes, etc.

so, here it is, i am a real food cook and so much more. i will be posting more about all of the other things i am, in addition to preparing amazing food…

enjoy the journey!

after an intermittent sabbatical from blogging…sorry.
There are things you can’t know sitting in a chair, waiting for it to come to you.
You have to get out and go find the world that is waiting, go gathering and discover what the story really is.

some information i have gathered recently:
its difficult to imagine, but moving a sedentary body actually brings more energy!
it’s okay to let go of the hurts, the pain, the conflict caused by others. i cannot solve it all (major revelation!).
i can run 400 meters without stopping (or vomiting).
food is for nourishment and it’s okay if it’s not stellar every time i eat.
i can do more with my recipes if i share them and encourage others (more on this very soon)
i LOVE staring out to the ocean when i wake up, i LOVE the sound of the fog horn, i LOVE where i live now!

stop waiting, get moving, what are you discovering these days?
grace & peace,
the rfc

we are moving about 30 minutes from here, i’ve been packing recently but before that i was searching for our perfect home (looking at real estate “porn” for hours on end, come on, admit it, you look too). some of the houses i’ve seen were awesome, but too much money and there are many i can’t imagine letting strangers inside of (oh, the mess! one realtor actually said, “there’s a nice patio out here,” but we could hardly see it from all the junk stored in front of the door!). we spent our weekends driving around looking, and looking, and looking….
…then we found it.

so, the packing is all done, the boxes are in storage while we stage our current home and when i write again it will be from my new family room in my new home with my same old family (LOVE them!). we still have just ten feet between us, but there’s new trails to climb.
c ya soon

gluten free marinated pork chops, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, butter

i dry rubbed these amazing chops with the following: (per pound of pork)

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1/2 tsp thyme

1 ground bay leaf

pinch of allspice

mix this all together, rub it onto the surface of the chops.  put them in a covered bowl and allow at least three or four hours, turning it a few times.

before cooking, wipe off the marinade with paper towels and dry the meat thoroughly.

now, preheat the oven to 325 degrees

heat some fat (your choice, i like coconut oil) in an ovenproof casserole (you will put this into the oven in a few minutes)

brown them on both sides (don’t crowd the pan!)

when the chops are all browned cover and heat the casserole until the meat is sizzling then transfer to the lower rack of your preheated oven for 25 – 30 minutes.

turn and baste the chops with butter once or twice during the cooking

now the best part, remove the chops from the casserole to a heated plate once they are cooked.  pour off all but about 2 Tb of the fat and add dry vermouth, reduce it down scraping the bits off the bottom.  pour over the chops and enjoy!

you decided to give up gluten for the month of january?  think you could do it?

check it out at

When you’re ready to sign up just send a message to [email protected] with your first name, last initial, and town or city where you’re currently living.

Grain is a biohazard!

i didn’t quite get it all done these past two weeks.  i exercised several days, ate right 99% of the time and generally was pleased with the way things were going… until it wasn’t.  i got some sort of digestive/intestinal/lower abdominal/severely painful/couldn’t move easily/am i “blocked”?/must live in bed/need to rest/a lot/thing.

but, i am feeling much better now, for now? …  are you excited for the presents or the PRESENCE?

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