after an intermittent sabbatical from blogging…sorry.
There are things you can’t know sitting in a chair, waiting for it to come to you.
You have to get out and go find the world that is waiting, go gathering and discover what the story really is.

some information i have gathered recently:
its difficult to imagine, but moving a sedentary body actually brings more energy!
it’s okay to let go of the hurts, the pain, the conflict caused by others. i cannot solve it all (major revelation!).
i can run 400 meters without stopping (or vomiting).
food is for nourishment and it’s okay if it’s not stellar every time i eat.
i can do more with my recipes if i share them and encourage others (more on this very soon)
i LOVE staring out to the ocean when i wake up, i LOVE the sound of the fog horn, i LOVE where i live now!

stop waiting, get moving, what are you discovering these days?
grace & peace,
the rfc