we are moving about 30 minutes from here, i’ve been packing recently but before that i was searching for our perfect home (looking at real estate “porn” for hours on end, come on, admit it, you look too). some of the houses i’ve seen were awesome, but too much money and there are many i can’t imagine letting strangers inside of (oh, the mess! one realtor actually said, “there’s a nice patio out here,” but we could hardly see it from all the junk stored in front of the door!). we spent our weekends driving around looking, and looking, and looking….
…then we found it.

so, the packing is all done, the boxes are in storage while we stage our current home and when i write again it will be from my new family room in my new home with my same old family (LOVE them!). we still have just ten feet between us, but there’s new trails to climb.
c ya soon