Menu planning is the single most important part of healthy eating I can share with you.  I used to look at the clock about 5 pm every night and have zero idea what I would be feeding my family.  This led me to the store where we all spend more money (hint: stay out of the store, save money!).

With a plan I am much more likely to prepare our meals, thereby saving the money we might otherwise spend on take out or less nutritious fare.

Here is my meal plan for the next seven days:


Br: Grain free nut granola (homemade) with raw milk and oranges

Lu: Green salad with tomato, grilled chicken breast & green bell pepper

Dr: White chili & green salad


Br: Purely pecan pancakes with maple syrup and melon

Lu: Curry chicken salad on lettuce leaves

Dr: Vegetable frittata

Make bread for tomorrow


Br: Yogurt, fresh fruit & sausage

Lu: Egg salad sandwiches & fruit

Dr: Our local chicken farmer is hosting a dinner tonight so we will be there.


Br: Almond cherry muffins & yogurt

Lu: Soup made with homemade broth, corn celery & shredded chicken

Dr: Taco salad with avocado, tomato, kidney beans, cheddar cheese and tortilla chips

Make sandwich rolls for tomorrow


Br: Yogurt & fruit

Lu: Baked beans & hot dogs

Dr: Sloppy Joe’s on sandwich rolls with green salad

Make bread for lunch tomorrow


Br: Peanut butter smoothie & homemade snack bars

Lu: Turkey sandwiches with tomato & avocado

Dr: Crock-pot chalupas with tortilla chips and green salad


Br: Bacon & eggs

Lu: Crackers with cheese and fresh fruit

Dr: Smothered pork chops, brown rice & green beans


Br: Parfait w/yogurt, fruit & granola

Lu: Ham & cheese rollups in lettuce

Dr: Homemade pizza and green salad

As I planned this menu I tried to use up what I already have in stock or in my pantry.  I am working very hard to feed my family of six for $150/week.  Keep in mind that we eat all organic produce, raw milk and locally grown meats so it’s more expensive than what is found in the local supermarket.  I also make all of our bread and we eat at home 99% of the time.

What does your menu plan look like for the next week?

Happy Cooking,