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yesterday the knight and i gathered the flock, clad them all in tennis shoes, strapped “popstar” into the bob and headed out on a trail hike. it was awesome, tiring and beautiful. as we climbed up the hills we were constantly stunned by the incredible beauty around us. we are so blessed to live where we do! spent the evening laughing and eating with the knights larger family and it was so much fun. played catch phrase and cards AND bananagrams too.
took a break today , raindrops falling hard this morning so we got “the paver” completely outfitted for hockey, including new skates {{gasp}}, marriage life group was awesome. conflict resolution is a great topic, there is much to learn even after 25 years of blissful togetherness, smile. home now and getting the flock readied for bed.
what did you do? how did you get your move on this weekend?

there’s a lot of community talk about open adoption, it’s not co-parenting, it’s better. open adoption allows children to be a part of their family of origin, not losing those ties is SO important, but it also gives them another family who loves and cares deeply for them. after all, if parents can love more than one child doesn’t it make sense that a child could love more than one family?


Fictive Kin
People not related by birth or marriage who have an emotionally-significant relationship with an individual.